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91Re: [AQ_NFS] blank mrin

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  • Leslie Vaughn
    Jun 29, 2009
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      Thanks Scott for this information

      I knew that even if you delete all the people in a family the marriage remains and you have to actually delete the marriage. But your message reminded me to check my database for marriages with no people.

      I searched for marriages and then had the filter changed to husband and the top ones that come up are the "marriages" with blank husbands. There were wives on and this was to be expected because there were children born out of wedlock, but four had no wives at all. I pulled up those four and found no families and then deleted.

      It is good to clean up your files like that and I appreciate the reminder.

      If you uploaded your whole gedcom file, it is probably there but someone may have combined your information with others. Or if you submitted it to the Pedigree Resource File, it may not be there as not all the PRF has been sent over to nFS. It is not recommended that a complete file be uploaded to nFS. So even if your submission is missing, if that person is there just sync your information to it to add to or edit information already on the system


      From: Scott Scheibe
      Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 11:31 PM
      To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [AQ_NFS] blank mrin

      I finally figured out one of the problem families were I
      couldn't download the parents it was telling me they were already
      linked to him. It finally dawned on me the MRIN it was showing they
      were in I could search for. Sure enough they were there with him as
      their son. But when I clicked on him they disapeared because there
      was a MRIN that didn't have any people in it which I didn't think was
      possible. When I clicked on the Add'L Par/Rel button it showed two
      marriages, the first one blank and the second one with his parents in
      it. I went to the blank MRIN and deleted it, then they showed up.

      BTW, If you click on the FS button for the people who are
      "An invalid argument was encountered" error it crashes the program.
      When you reopen the program it goes back to the first person it
      opened with, not the last one you were on and if you have been
      working on two databases but the current one was the last one you
      were working on it opens up the other database.
      I have found that most of the people in the Descendents of
      Henry Woodward database are not on NFS which they should be as I
      uploaded a GEDCOM of the database to FS a few years ago but only the
      people on my direct line or that have been submitted by other people
      are showing up on NFS.

      Scott Scheibe

      Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD

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