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909Re: [AQ_NFS] Advanced Filter/Focus

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  • Bob Penry
    Nov 1, 2011
      Yes, I have noticed the same thing. Kind of annoying, because if you run the file through Family Insight, it does pick up all ordinances. So you end up with files where some records have confirmation dates and some don’t. I think that the logic is that only the Baptism Date and Endowment Dates are really important to capture, the others are simply just information, although in NFS we can do each step one-at-a-time. What I would like is to have a modification to the program that scans my entire file in the background looking for missing confirmation dates, grab the correct match and automatically enter it. I don’t like doing anything manually that a good program function could do automatically

      Another area I would like to see improved is the Ordinance area. There needs to be a way to take groups of names waiting ordinances that have been assigned to the temple and batch them into a special holding area in groups for easier checking. I currently have other 700 names waiting for work and everytime I want to add another name, I have to wait forever, it seems, for the 700 names to upload on the screen. If we could select 50 at a time and dump them into another batch area, it would sure be nice, and then add the auto-update feature to these batches.

      Also when using auto-update of ordinances, an output report would be a great feature.

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      I have just had some baptisms and confirmations done by our youth at the temple. i used the "Manage Batches" to update the baptism dates on my AQ database, which doesn't update the confirmation dates. i then tried to identify these individuals by using the advanced filter/focus option, by selecting records that have an LDS Baptism date existing and Confirmations (LDS) not existing. But it only seems to produce a list that doesn't include the ones that i am looking for, just where Confirmations already exist.

      Les Billings

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