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905Treatment of Submitted and Reserved in Temple Dates

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  • Mike St. Clair
    Oct 19, 2011
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      I'm not sure when this changed, but I've recently noticed a difference
      in treatment after syncing with nFS.

      At present, when you are doing a nFS review on a person and find that an
      ordinance has been reserved but not completed, if you pull that
      information into AQ it shows as Reserved, but AQ does not treat that the
      same as it does Submitted. When Submitted is entered in a temple date
      field, it shows as a letter for that ordinance in lower case - e.g.
      Baptism shows as b, Endowment as e, etc. when looking at the Family View.

      Since the change (perhaps build 33) the Family View is blank where those
      ordinances formerly were marked with the lower case letters any time the
      field contains Reserved.

      Formerly, those reserved ordinances were marked in the AQ file as
      "Submitted", or perhaps AQ displayed the lower case letters when
      Reserved was present.

      All I know is to get an accurate display of work that is reserved but
      not completed in the Family View, I have to globally replace Reserved
      with Submitted. I didn't formerly have to go through that step, which
      is somewhat of a pain when you are doing a project and get interrupted,
      losing track of what portion of a family you have completed.

      I might note that in the Sealed to Parents date field, if you use Review
      to pull in the contents of that field to AQ, it puts "Submitted" in and
      displays properly. I believe this matches the behavior that formerly
      occurred in the Baptism and Endowment field. I'd sure like to see those
      handled the same way once again.

      Mike St. Clair
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