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902Re: [AQ_NFS] Identifying nFS as data source

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Oct 27, 2011
      I've read not only Jim's original post on this topic, but also the
      responses to it. Let me respond to all of you that are interested in
      this issue from a big picture standpoint.

      Automatically adding a source to information obtained from nFS has been
      an ongoing request of many users, and in fact was in the initial design
      of the AQ features dealing with nFS -- but it has not yet been realized.
      Part of the reason that we haven't implemented this yet is that we don't
      feel we have the best method for doing so, and we need more feedback.

      I can see that if you have found a new piece of information in nFS, that
      you might want it sourced as coming from nFS. However, you may have
      merely found a better spelling of a place, and you are using the sync
      capability for about the same purpose as a spell-checker. In this case,
      you would mark the item from nFS to be brought into your AQ database to
      improve your spelling. My guess is that you might not want this type of
      update to be shown as having nFS as the source.

      As a result, I don't believe it would be prudent to have a truly
      automatic capability to attach a source to items you take from nFS --
      you would want to attach such a source to some items, but not others.
      Which means that we'd have to add a checkbox on some screens, or have AQ
      ask questions via popups. This would cause additional time, energy and
      keystrokes each time you perform any synching operation. One concern
      that I have is adding complexity to the process of synching with nFS. As
      Tom Huber mentioned, the data you would get from nFS would be a lower
      level of quality in a source -- it's not an original source, rather it's
      more of a personal note to yourself as to where you looked for the

      So let me ask some specific questions:

      1) If you are on the Individual Sync screen, and click on the option box
      to move a data item from nFS to your record, would you like a checkbox
      on that screen to indicate that you want a source to be attached to the
      data? Or is there a better method?

      2) If you were to mark such a checkbox, would you always want the same
      source? Or would you have a short list of sources that you could choose
      from? Such as "LDS Temple Records" or "New.FamilySearch.org" or
      something else -- you would create the actual source, with title,
      author, etc the way you like, but you'd have a short list from which to

      3) If you are on the Family Sync screen, and import a new person to your
      file, do you want a source automatically added to the record of each
      person? Do you want a source added to each data item, such as Name,
      Birth, Death, Burial, Baptism, etc?

      4) If you use the Import Family Lines feature, do you want each imported
      person, and each piece of data to have a source attached? Would it
      always be the same source? Would you want AQ to ask you for each piece
      of data to select a source from a short list?

      So for any of you who are interested in attaching "nFS" as a source to
      information obtained from nFS: think through the questions above, and
      others that you might come up with as you sync your data with nFS. Put
      some thought into just how you would like AQ to handle some of the
      details. Let's have a bit of discussion, and see whether it makes sense
      to add such a feature, or whether it would be too cumbersome to be of
      value. (Remember that many users would not want to use this feature, so
      any solution should be unobtrusive -- you'd probably have to activate
      the feature in Preferences.)


      On 9/9/2011 4:16 PM, JimLight wrote:
      > I have been using AQ for a couple of years now, but I only recently started
      > using the synchronization with nFS feature to find and update my db with LDS
      > Ordinance data. Previously, I used the synch feature, but did all the
      > updating of ordinance data manually.
      > When I use AQ to update the ordinance data in my db, I would like AQ to also
      > update the source information for the entries updated so that later I know
      > that nFS was the source of the information. I'm sure that there is some
      > option I can click to make that happen, but I don't see it.
      > Can someone tell me if this capability exists, and if so, how to invoke it?
      > Thanks.
      > Jim
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