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84RE: [AQ_NFS] AQ and combined nFS

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  • Stewart Millar
    Jun 23, 2009
      I have the same issue appearing in my checks between AQ and nFS.

      The smaller numbers 2,3,4 duplicates do agree - but with some of the bigger
      numbers I have the problem - AQ says 15 Other ID's and yet the nFS combined
      records says 12 combined records.

      A possibility that I have not yet had the time (or patience) to check is
      ---- I wonder if any one of the 12 combined records in nFS is itself a
      combined record of a further 3 records that would make the AQ number agree
      with nFS. If what I have suggested is a possibility, then when there is a
      difference, the AQ number should always be bigger than the nFS number.

      === Stewart

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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] AQ and combined nFS

      When I ask AQ to review an individual in FS I get a display that gives me,
      among other things, the NFS ID. It also lets me know how may other IDs
      exist. Let us say 21.

      If I go into nFS and look at the numbers of records hat have been combined
      for the same person I get a difference count - say 17.

      If I us AQ to do some additional searching and find another duplicate and
      then combine these the numbers referred to above will change to 22 and 18.

      My problem is that I expected these two numbers to be the same. That is, if
      17 records have been combined then AQ would show me that there were 16 other
      IDs. That is, the current record ID and 16 others to get 17.

      Why the apparent discrepancy between nFS and AQ?


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