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792Changing color of AQ when multiple files open

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  • bob.penry
    May 5, 2011
      This is a little trick I find handy when working with multiple AQ files.
      I was adopted by a step-father, so I knew my birth father. I have separate files for the lines of my mother, my birth father, and my adopted father (each are so large that combining them made a file of nearly 100,000 names) Since I have temple work being done out of all files, I often have them open simultaneously. I like to use different colored backgrounds to easily identify them. This is the way to do so. 1. Open the first file. 2. Open the second file, go to Tools/Preferences/Color and change the color of the pedigree window. Say OK and close the file. Reopen it and the background will now be the new color. If you have another file, you can repeat the process. But remember, the last color you choose will be the color that will come up the next time you open files. So if you have a standard, make sure you set it before you close the last file.