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789RE: [AQ_NFS] Managing batches

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  • Gunilla Manell
    Apr 29, 2011
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      I restored from a backup I made a few weeks ago. The manage batches window
      is being populated now.

      I recently converted to collaboration. Could that have anything to do with

      I first tried to get the manage batch window while I was I collaborative
      mode with my .ac file. The window was blank.

      Then I converted the collaborative file to an .aq file, and the window was
      still blank.

      Is it possible that once your data has been converted to .ac, you can no
      longer use the Manage batches window??


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      To try to diagnose this a bit, why don't you backup your current
      database -- use a unique name for this backup so that it doesn't
      overwrite a prior backup. Then restore the most recent prior backup that
      you have and see if the backup has this data.


      On 4/29/2011 11:59 AM, Gunilla Manell wrote:
      > Today, when I tried to get into Managing batches, when the little window
      > opens, it is blank. It does not list my batches. I tried to sync and 2
      > legacy batches showed up. Needless to say, I am not able to update
      > ordinances that have been done recently.
      > I am using build 12.1.28 and windows XP
      > What's up?
      > /Gunilla
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