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751RE: [AQ_NFS] sources

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  • Stewart Millar
    Feb 5, 2011
      In AQ sources -

      For each Citation of the Source - each individual use of the source has its
      own unique citation - you can use any of the citation fields that suit your
      purpose and they will only show up in that single use of the source - the
      citation fields are - Vol/Page/Film (for the detailed citation reference);
      Entry Date (for when this source was created); Reference (for your own
      filing reference of any source document copy); Actual Text (if you want to
      transcribe the content of the source); Comments (if you want to add any
      extra information or views about the source).

      You need to make sure that when you define the source that you define it
      with a generic description that will suit its multiple use - in other words,
      do not define a source as "Birth Certificate for John Jones" - because you
      will only be able to use that once - whereas, if you define the source as
      "Birth Certificate" (maybe "Birth Certificate - England & Wales" to separate
      them from "Birth Certificate - Scotland/Nevada etc" - you can use it
      multiple times, each time providing the unique citation detail that is
      unique to each use.

      I often find that many people in setting up sources feel that they have to
      use every field offered in the set up for defining a source - you do not -
      only use those fields that you understand and that make sense to you.
      Especially - do not use the Call no./Actual Text/Comments in the source
      definition unless these fields can really be applied to every use of the
      source. You will only see the source citation details after you have set up
      the "Source" and select it for use against a specific event - then, as
      described above, all the citation details entered will be unique to that
      particular use of the "Source".


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      Cleadie B
      Sent: 05 February 2011 17:33
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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] sources

      I thought I had figured out how to add sources properly in AQ, but I still
      don't get it right yet.

      I want to use one source 30 or 40 times BUT I want to add the data about
      each individual without it showing up for everyone.

      In PAF there is Actual Text inside the Sourse file; and after that is
      closed, and selected; there is another Actual Source where one can add pages
      of data (if one wishes) without it showing up for anyone but the one

      Can this be done in AQ? If so, how?

      Cleadie B.

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