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749Sychronize Families with FamilySearch

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  • Ken Doyle
    Feb 4, 2011
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      I have a family in my local record that is out of syn with nFS. They are not aligned.

      When I search for the perons and then go to sync AQ freezes. This has happened several times.

      I have tried from:

      a) within the ordinace reservation system

      b) reviewing on family search and choosing parents/siblings

      Whichever what I go AQ freezes.

      I have done check repair database and it still does not help.

      Any ideas please? Thank you.

      I also find the Ordinance Reservation System slow to work with. Slow to load and I probably only have about 20 names in there. Would love to add more but it takes forever to load and then forever to review each person. These are people submitted to Temple File. I suspect this is slow internet problems rather than AQ problems. I only have about 4.5 Mbs speed but cannot usually get that to the USA.