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745Re: [AQ_NFS] Internet Search FamilySearch

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jan 25, 2011
      As you know, FamilySearch is in a constant state of change.

      Search options in FamilySearch that have long been in beta testing are
      just being made public.

      As of the December 15 build of AQ, there are new options for searching
      against the newly released records of FamilySearch. I would recommend
      that you do the following:

      1) Open AQ's "Internet" menu.
      2) Select "Search Favorite Sites".
      3) Experiment with using the three new searches available for
      FamilySearch: in addition to sending the name as a search criteria, one
      option will send birth information, another option will send death
      information, and the third will send birth and death years.
      4) If you decide that you like one of these options best, then make it
      you default search by doing these steps:
      a) Go back to the "Internet" menu
      b) Select "Favorite Sites"
      c) Highlight the option you want to be the default
      d) Click the "Make Default" button
      e) Now that this is set to be your default Internet search, you can
      use the Toolbar shortcut to activate it. You'll see the icon on the far
      right of AQ's main toolbar that looks like a PC superimposed on a globe
      -- simply click that icon to use your default search.

      After a little more time has passed to allow FamilySearch to solidify
      its constant changes, we will probably change AQ's "Internet" options
      for FamilySearch to migrate from the older search to the newer search.


      On 1/25/2011 5:37 AM, Jones wrote:
      > Why does AQ Search the old version of Family Search when you choose Internet, Search FamilySearch? I thought it was suppose to search the New Family Search with all the features available there. When will AQ Update its search options?
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