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729Re: [AQ_NFS] Check for changes to nFS

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  • Jerry Taylor
    Jan 8, 2011
      When I have had a problem with the check for changes repeating the same individuals time after time I have had to do one of several things to get it to go away.
      First, when I do a review I always do a save on the review screen whether I need to make any changes or not.
      Second, I look to see if I need to do a check and repair on the AQ data base to make sure there are no data base errors.
      Third, if there are no errors on the AQ data base then I unlink the individual from NFS and then relink the individual. This usually takes care of the problem.
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      From: emregister
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      Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2011 6:45 PM
      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Check for changes to nFS

      Help, I am checking for changes. When I finish a section it is my practice
      to go back and run the check again and see if there are any I missed. Here
      is my problem. Let us call the records A,B,C and D.

      If I check then A and B show changed. I review or mark as reviewed and
      check again and C and D show changed. I review these and run again and A
      and B show as changed. This sequence of AB the CD repeats. And on and on.
      Any ideas?


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