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724Program comparison

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  • emregister
    Jan 3, 2011
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      A friend was giving serious consideration to RM so I dug up the comparison
      video you did with AQ, RM and Family Insight and passed it along to him.
      His wife, who is a AQ fan, looked at it and reconfirmed her choice. I also
      reviewed it and it is indeed very good.

      I expect these videos take a lot of work but it would be nice if we had an
      updated video - maybe AQ, RM and Legacy to review and to share.

      I keep looking at other products so I will be prepared if someone comes to
      the FHC asking for help but each time I check out another product I just
      shake my head and wonder what the appeal is. Maybe people like the colour
      used in RM :-) I don't care about colour but can see no other possible
      reason for their choice.

      Thanks for a great product that just keeps getting better and better.


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