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714Re: [AQ_NFS] New Build of AQ 12.1

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  • Margaret Thompson
    Dec 15, 2010

      I am running Win7-64bit. When I try to run build 27 it tells me the program
      is not a Win32 application. Tried running it from the web and also saving
      the file and running it off the HDD. Help would be appreciated.


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      From: Gaylon Findlay
      Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 1:14 PM
      To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [AQ_NFS] New Build of AQ 12.1


      We released a new build 27 of AQ 12.1 earlier today. This build
      initiates a new era for Ancestral Quest. Prospective users can now
      download Ancestral Quest Basics absolutely free. We have done away with
      the 60-day trial period. For those of you who have already registered
      your copy of AQ, you wouldn't need to upgrade to this build for this

      We also fixed two issues that crept up as a result of the December 2010
      release of New FamilySearch this last Monday. And there were a few other
      minor fixes and enhancements.

      The list is below,


      * General Enhancements

      Translation to non-English Languages: Moved several text items to the
      translation tables.

      * Enhancements to nFS Features

      Manage Batches: Added a 'Find' button that lets you search for an
      individual. If the individual is in one of the batches, the batch will
      be highlighted for you.

      * Bug Fixes to nFS Features

      Review and Synchronize FamilySearch Person with Local Person screen: A
      bug was introduced in build 26, wherein if you stretched this screen
      extremely wide, the check boxes could cover up part of the dates. Fixed.

      LDS Ordinance Reservation screen: A bug was introduced in build 26,
      wherein if you had checked the "Keep Together" box, but selected any
      ordinance other than Baptism, then the other ordinances would adjust to
      the selection, but Baptism would not. Fixed.

      95 Year Rule: Starting with the December 2010 release of nFS (12/13/10),
      notifications about the 95 year rule were issued when AQ checked the
      status of ordinances. AQ improperly showed this notice each time you
      reviewed a person who had died within the last 95 years. Fixed.

      Logout: With the December 2010 release of nFS (12/13/10), AQ was no
      longer able to logout from its connection with nFS. This didn't cause a
      problem, as this almost always happened as the user exited the program.
      But AQ presented a message indicating that there was a problem. AQ now
      properly logs out.


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