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701Re: [AQ_NFS] Re: Add using nFS ID

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Dec 3, 2010

      Let me take this a bit further.

      In another message, you say that the person does exist in nFS, but is
      not part of the nFS family as he/she should be.

      If you'll use a combination of what both Leslie and Jerry have
      suggested, you can kill two birds with one stone.

      I would:

      1) Add this child to my family in AQ -- just minimal data as Jerry suggests.
      2) Go to the "Review Individual with FamilySearch" screen for a member
      of the family who is already linked.
      3) Go to the "Parents/Siblings" or "Spouses/Children" screen to get the
      family which should include this child.
      4) Expand the proper family and make sure the parents are linked between
      your file and the nFS file.

      You should now be looking at the family of interest both in AQ and in
      nFS. You should see the name of this child you are dealing with in the
      local family, but not in the nFS side.

      5) Click the option box for the child in question on the local side.
      6) Select the option to search for a matching record in nFS.
      7) As Jerry indicated, use the "Search" option to search by nFS ID to
      locate the matching record.
      8) Select the matching record, then choose the "Sync" option. (The
      record will not yet be synced, but will be marked to be synced when you
      later hit the "Process" button on the Family Sync screen.)

      This should take you back to the family sync screen, with the option box
      for the child still open, but it will now show that you have found a
      matching nFS record.

      9) Click 'OK' on the Options box.

      The screen should now show that the nFS child will be linked both to
      your newly added local child record, and also be linked on nFS into the
      family, so that nFS will have an extra family member.

      You'll end up both linking your local record, which you can later review
      and pull more data from nFS to your local record, and you will also
      improve the nFS family to now include a child that wasn't linked in before.


      On 12/3/2010 10:03 AM, Jerry Barrett wrote:
      > Ken,
      > If you add the individual with just a name - then you can use AQ to fetch/sync
      > up the rest.
      > Add the individual - just use the name - save
      > Highlight individual in Family View,
      > Click on FS Icon or FamilySearch / Lync/Sync/Upload
      > Could not find any likely duplicates, switching to search - OK
      > Search by FS PID - key in value - hit search
      > Then you can sync from the possible matches screen.
      > Not as clean as just entering the FS ID to start with - but no need for
      > multiple screens - and minimal extra typing.
      > Jerry Barrett
      > Taylorsville, UT
      > ------ Original Message ------
      > Received: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 09:41:41 AM MST
      > From: "Ken Doyle"<kendoyle179@...>
      > To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [AQ_NFS] Re: Add using nFS ID
      > Dear Leslie,
      > Thank you.
      > What you are saying works very well if they exist in a family unit on nFS.
      > It they are say an "extraction" from a christening record then you have to
      > find them again. They are a single entity on nFS with their parents listed.
      > Which also means their parents are not combined either.
      > AQ does not allow you to search for them using nFS ID. You can search within
      > your local database to find someone existing. You can enter their RIN number
      > or search alphabetically.
      > You cannot search nFS by entering a nFS number from within AQ to add them.
      > This appears to be lacking in AQ and should be there.
      > I find myself adding them manually. Using two screens. One to view them on nFS
      > and the other to add them to AQ. Then I have to sychronize them.
      > Seeing I know they are mine then I should be able to streamline this and use
      > the nFS ID..... but it is not allowed.
      > It is my suggestion for an improvement to an already fantastic program.
      > --- In AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com, "Leslie Vaughn"<Leslievaughn@...> wrote:
      >> If this person belongs to an already existing family on your local data
      > base, review with family search one of the family members you already have.
      > When you review that person on nFS, select the option at the bottom of either
      > parents/siblings or spouses/children, depending on how that new person fits in
      > with the individual in your data base that you have chosen. Expand the family
      > on the nFS side (right side of the screen) by clicking the plus sign
      >> When you do that you will see the extra person on nFS that you want. click
      > on the the person on the nFS side that you want brought into your data base
      > and hit process and it will come into your data base. Be careful because all
      > the warts come with that person, such as abbreviations that you may not want
      > to introduce into your quick entry place list. When you have completed this
      > process you may have to go into your data base and edit any information you
      > want to change.
      >> Leslie
      >> From: Ken Doyle
      >> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 6:20 AM
      >> To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      >> Subject: [AQ_NFS] Add using nFS ID
      >> Occasionally I come across someone on nFS that is an 'EXTRA'. Meaning they
      > do not exist in my genealogy. I sm starting to record their ID and some things
      > about them. Maybe I need to record it all (with a pencil and paper). (Goal for
      > the week - learn how to use pencil and paper).
      >> So after researching I believe nFS does indeed have someone I should have in
      > my genealogy.
      >> Now when I want to ADD a child or spouse I can
      >> No where can I find a place to enter the nFS ID and pull the person into my
      > genealogy directly from nFS.
      >> I know the long way around. Find them on nFS and then enter the data and
      > then search for them and sychronize. But wouldn't it be easier to be able to
      > use the FamilySearch ID: and bring them in that way?
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