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69v1x Testing

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jun 3 1:40 PM

      We received a notice yesterday from FamilySearch that we have "less than
      a week" to finish rigorously testing the v1x version of the API.
      Sometime in August, v1x will become the production version of the API.
      Any bugs in it might affect all the users who access the NFS system
      through AQ. (Currently, AQ and all other affiliate products are using
      the "v1" version of the API.)

      For those of you who don't know what the API is, it stands for
      "Application Programming Interface". It is the bit of programming done
      by the LDS Church's FamilySearch department which allows AQ and other
      affiliate products to "talk" to the family tree database of
      new.FamilySearch.org. It is not AQ code that is being tested -- it is
      the Church's code.

      For those of you who contacted support and downloaded the special v1x
      version after our first message on this subject 2 weeks ago, please
      realize that we have "less than a week" to do any additional testing
      with this version.

      If you haven't volunteered to help yet, and you'd like to help in this
      testing, please contact support@... to get the link to download
      the special version. (So far, we have only identified one problem --
      this message isn't meant to make you think that AQ will have major
      problems when v1x is released. As far as we can tell so far, AQ will
      continue to run as it does now. We just want to have a few more sets of
      eyes look at this to make sure we haven't missed anything.)

      By the way, this won't affect just AQ. When v1x rolls into production in
      August, it will affect all applications that work with the nFS API. So
      most affiliates of NFS, and probably even the Family Tree product will
      be affected.

      So far, we have not heard of any other problems besides the glitch we
      reported in the last e-mail on this subject, namely that the v1x can't
      return sources. So you can probably just use the v1x version in lieu of
      the regular version for the next few days -- just keep your eyes open
      for anything that seems different between the regular version and the
      special v1x version.


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