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  • Leslie Vaughn
    Nov 1, 2010
      I use check for changes multiple times a day.

      What this feature is doing is checking NFS to see if there have been any changes to it since you last synced your selected individuals. Those changes could be anything from someone combining or uncombining or adding another opinion to editing to temple ordinances completed.

      I suppose it is possible to check for changes for all individuals in your data base, but I would not recommend it, unless you have only a couple of hundred individuals in your system.

      You need to select some individuals you want to check. You select them the same way you would select any other type of list. And then you check for any changes on nfs and you can choose to import those changes or not.

      I have too many individuals to do all the temple work myself, so I reserve it for temple file through AQ. When I do that a statement submitted01Nov2010 appears in the date field of the temple ordinance. I check for changes to see if the temple work has been done.

      I select any temple ordinance date equals submitted and currently I have 202 individuals in which ANY temple ordinance field is submitted. Then I check for changes and as the temple work is done I am able to see that and import it into my data base.

      Caution--it seems when a parent has say a sealing date that says submitted and all other ordinances are complete, and a child is baptized, not only the child appears, but so do the parents in my check for changes list.

      Also periodically you have to do a check/repair on your data base because sometimes there are NO changes and the same folks keep popping up over and over again.

      Of course there are other types of lists that I use to check for changes but the submitted ordinance one is the one I use most often


      From: emregister
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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] check for changes

      I have tried on several occasions to master the 'check for changes' and have
      come up with no better understanding. I can find nothing in 'help'. If
      someone can enlighten me it would be appreciated.



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