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660Re: [AQ_NFS] New FamilySearch Auto Log On

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  • Alec Shaw
    Oct 29 5:35 PM
      This brings up a question. If 2 people are using the same computer is
      it possible to have 2 nFS logins?
      What I was thinking about doing was duplicating the AQ program in a
      different folder so that each
      user uses a different instance of AQ. Will this work or is there an
      easier way of doing it?
      I guess the real question is: where is the nFS login saved?

      As with all things - give us something good and we want more.

      Alec Shaw

      On 10/29/2010 3:51 PM, Ken Doyle wrote:
      > Just discovered this is for AQ and not per AQ database.
      > Any idea how I go back to manual log on so when my wife uses the
      > computer with her database she can log on to nFS as herself and not me?
      > I have searched help in AQ and looked at the various tools preferences.
      > Please and thank you.
      > It is OK I have just found how to change. So I thought I would
      > continue and post the solution in case someone else has the same problem.
      > FamilySearch
      > Login
      > This shows the "Sign in to new.FamilySearch.org" tab and gives you the
      > chance of unticking "Automatically sign me in when needed". Also
      > changing the other options.
      > Gaylon I love this new feature.

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