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641Further Enhancements

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  • Ken Doyle
    Sep 24, 2010
      Dear Gaylon,

      I agree with Margaret.

      There is something I wish for too - PLEASE.

      Parents and Siblings
      When in the Sync Screen and you see someone who is a person you want you often see Siblings and Parents. Some of whom you may not have. I would love to be able to bring them across into my local record at the same time.

      Internet Tab in Sync Screen
      I would love that button so I could research while in the Sync Screen. Much of my genealogy is already out on the web. I just need to get it into my genealogy.

      Sometimes I need to check what I am finding on nFS with other Internet Sites (http://lythgoes.net/genealogy/software.php) built with TNG software. This I need to do to be sure what I am seeing on nFS is correct.

      So what Margaret is suggesting, Parents and Siblings and Internet Tab in the Sync Screen would be wonderful.

      Thank you.