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610Link (Sync) Screen - "Summary of" Screen

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  • Ken Doyle
    Jul 30, 2010
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      Dear Gaylon,

      I have some family that has the same names. Forenames and surnames. A whole heap of ancient cousins, uncles etc. They took a fancy to calling the boys the same name. In fact this was carried down over hundreds of years. No one knows why it started but those living today still carry on the tradition. Usually they only had one forename and one surname.

      They also worked in similar professions and lived in the same geographical area.

      Several genealogists have been working on some areas of the tree for 20 years trying to sort out which is which.

      So the "Summar of" Screen is very very helpful.

      I need to often compare siblings to see if they are the same family.

      If the parents and children line up I can compare my data and nFS easily.

      When they don't line up I have to open "Summary of" on nFS and see who they married etc.

      Then do the same on my data, open "Summary of".

      I keep forgetting what I saw in the other screen. This means back and forth or taking a snagit image. Till I am sure they are the same or different.

      It would be fantastic if I could get the "Summary of" screen to open for someone on my data and another "Summary of" to open on the nFS side so I could compare easier. I can check their spouses and children.

      Please consider the idea.

      Thank you.