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6RE: [AQ_NFS] Replace/Edit remote fact

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    Apr 3 1:38 PM

      Unfortunately I cannot replicate it. I have tried. It comes up often but
      not every time. It is a nuisance but nothing more. No data is lost and
      little time is lost. If I can replicate it I will get some additional
      information and screen shots to you.


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      This sounds like a bug. Either in AQ or in the nFS API. Can you try to
      replace this data again, but this time take some screen shots of the
      screen before you select the item to replace, then of the options box
      when you are instructing AQ to replace the item, and then the results?
      And send these screen shots directly to me. I'll see if I can figure out
      what is going on.

      One of the problems with nFS is that we can't perform the exact same
      situation as you can, because nFS allows you to do things with your
      records that it won't let anyone else do. But we'll look into it.



      Eric wrote:
      > It I elect to relace a remote event it may or it may not. If the event is
      a birth and I replace it with my data which is the standardized place name
      it looks like it will work but in reviewing in nFS it has not been replaced.
      Nothing happenss. It did, however, in the few I looked at, work to replace
      the burial event.
      > If I Add to the remote as an additional fact then nFS shows my new entry
      as an alternate addess.
      > The additional information is fine but it should be clear that the data is
      not being replaced.
      > Eric
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