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599Re: [AQ_NFS] link sync screen select text

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  • Jerry Barrett
    Jul 18, 2010
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      My screen print utility can capture text or images. It is able to correctly
      fetch text from the sync screen. Here is an example of text so fetched:

      Record in FamilySearch Family Tree database
      Jacob Siler
      Jacob "Jake" Siler
      Cripple Jake
      K4G7-G3Q (Other IDs: 3)


      12 Jun 1843, Whitley Co., Ky.
      12 Jun 1843, , , Whitley, Ky

      [Data Not Provided]

      11 Sep 1850, , Whitley, Kentucky. 9
      31 Aug 1860, Cumberland River, Whitley, Kentucky. 17, farmer
      1 Jun 1880, Boston, Whitley, Kentucky. 36, farmer
      6 Jun 1900, , Claiborne, Tennessee. 60, farmer

      23 Feb 1954
      23 Feb 1954
      22 Mar 1956, Salt Lake Utah
      22 Mar 1956
      22 Mar 1956, Salt Lake Utah
      22 Mar 1956
      19 Sep 1956, Salt Lake Utah [See 'Parents/Siblings' for details]
      Ready [See 'Spouses/Children' for details]

      View FamilySearch Notes

      Perhaps you have a utility already on your computer to accomplish your task.
      The screen print tool I use is SnagIt. It allows me to select all or part of a
      screen to capture. Im sure there are others which allow you to caputre text.

      Jerry Barrett
      Taylorsville, Utah

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      Received: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 04:28:07 AM MDT
      From: "Ken Doyle" <kendoyle179@...>
      To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [AQ_NFS] link sync screen select text

      When syncing I often want to compare nFS material and my material
      against the bayanne site in Shetland. Especially the nFS material. I don't
      know Shetland enough to know if some things being presented are correct or

      After doing this a few times I thought it would be good if you
      could select and copy text (to clipboard) while in the link (sync) screen and
      paste into the bayanne site search engine.

      This is really only a problem when using a single notebook monitor.
      Just I can never seem to remember spellings. Especially as their spelling have
      often a norse influence and are not English.

      If I am on a computer with multiple monitors it is less of a

      I wonder if AQ can be altered so you can select text.

      NOTE: I don't want it ability to work the Dragon Naturally Speaking
      to be dimensioned. So if the change would stop that I would rather Dragon
      still works.
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