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574Re: [AQ_NFS] Discussion Link Question

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  • Terry Smith
    Jul 4, 2010
      Dear Tom...

      I believe that as nFS releases new updtes with improved tools, that
      Gaylon will add them to AQ. It does seem to me that it largely
      depends on the acceptance of the process by the general users group
      however. In most cases he enhances what AQ can do over that which nFS
      is doing. This QUALITY coding takes time, money, and patience. I
      would continue to hammer nFS for the types of services that you would
      like to see. Ultimately if they have the API written then Gaylon will
      have an easier time implementing it within AQ.

      I will note that they [nFS] did not tell us during the Beta that they
      would reply to all messages. So true to their word they did not. Now
      that the Beta is over however, I would use the feed back. They are
      getting worse and worse about responding either by email or by phone.
      And I would complain about that too. And sometimes the helpers that
      reply do not know anymore than we do!!! Be a squeeky wheel.

      ---- Terry

      On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 18:34:49 -0600, you wrote:

      >On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 16:53:59 -0700, you wrote:
      >>When logging on check out the "Whats new" and it will tell you that
      >>this is already implemented. WHen two persons are sync'd OR if they
      >>are unlinked, the discussion remains with the individual and will go
      >>with the merge. And if seperated will remain with the person or
      >>surname to which it was originally attached in the begining.
      >>What I would like to see NOTIFICATION. In my case, I have over
      >>300,000 names in my database and many surnames. Keeping track of
      >>discusions becomes a monsterous task without being notified that there
      >>is a reply to your inquiry. During the beta test, they did not
      >>respond to my request. So it seems kinda useless to me. If you only
      >>have a few surnames or discussions in your database, than it is not an
      >>issue... Terry
      >A number of us have sent in enhancement requests on this subject in
      >nFS via Feedback. Not only would it be nice to be notified, but also
      >be able to see which persons have an active discussion in the Family
      >Tree view.
      >My question is with regard to Ancestral Quest and what the interface
      >will be with it for the discussions, or if there will even be one.
      >To add to what you've said, if AQ could detect any addition to an
      >existing discussion, that would help in your situation, especially if
      >we could generate a report of those people in our tree who have a
      >discussion and when it was last updated/entered.
      >>>New FamilySearch now has a discussion page available to each person.
      >>>Will some future version of Ancestral Quest be able to link and
      >>>synchronize data with these discussion pages, and when do you expect
      >>>to be able to implement it.
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