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  • bob.penry
    Jun 8 10:45 PM
      I absolutely agree with all comments so far. Accurate information for European royalty is very hit and miss. My connection however is fairly well documented historically. Of course there is a lot of mythology and legend too, especially when one of my research lines included King Arthur and Uther! My medieval work is mostly curiosity since almost everything before 1500 in my family appears to have temple work completed. I just hate loose ends, so I really want to have all work in sync. I have tons of cousins since 1500 that I have been steadily submitting and doing work for. I don't know if the statistics are accurate or not, but our Temple President said that 94% of the earth's population has been born since 1820. If this is so, then it is easy to see why we all tie together within 6 generations (or so they say.) My high school students freak out when I tell them that they will marry a cousin, and that given enough time for research, I will be able to show that everyone in the classroom is related, with very few exceptions.

      EATIS IN PACE DATA GESSIS (Go in peace and may all your data be processed)
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