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503RE: [AQ_NFS] Feedback Requested

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  • Gunilla Manell
    Apr 21, 2010
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      OK, now I can see what you are talking about. Yes it can be helpful if you
      are new doing this, but it is very easy to ignore, if you don't like pop up
      messages. :-)


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      Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this -- I probably should have
      given a bit more detail in the original request.

      If you have turned off the option to "Show Hints" on the "Review and
      Synchronize" screen, you won't see the new hints. You need to turn on
      the hints to see it. (Some users get really bothered when the program
      offers hints, so AQ provides a way to hide these. But I think that
      beginners will rely very heavily on these hints as they learn to use
      these screens.)

      As you start to work with this screen, or the Parents/Siblings or
      Spouses/Children screen, you should see tips come up when you hover your
      mouse over almost any icon. So when you hold the mouse over a checkbox,
      AQ should now give you some idea of what the checkbox is there for. If
      it is greyed out, you should get a different hint than if it is not. If
      you have selected an option, then hover over it again, it should tell
      you what option you have selected. And so on.

      On the Family Sync screens, there are a lot more options. If you hover
      over a radio button which lets you select which family to work with, it
      will give you a tip. If you hover over an option box next to the family,
      that allows you to line families up with each other, you should get an
      appropriate tip. If you hover over a + or - icon, it should give you
      some guidance. If you have chosen to link a child in your family with an
      existing person from NFS, but that person was not already in the NFS
      family, then AQ will show a dagger symbol: "†". If you hover over this
      symbol, it should tell you what it means. There is a case when you will
      even see a double-dagger: "‡" -- if you see this and hover over it, you
      will see what that means. Before you link a child, the options box
      should give you one hint. After you have marked the box to link the
      person, so you see a green link symbol, the hint should be different.

      And so on. There are a lot of different options on these screens,
      sometimes different for the local data vs the NFS data. As you hover the
      mouse over any of these icons you should get help. And after you make
      selections, the help should change to reflect new options.

      We want to make sure that the help not only makes sense to us
      programmers here at Incline Software, but that the users feel it is
      helpful. We expect to release a new build in a couple of days -- in time
      for the big "Genealogy Week" here in SLC, and these hints will be an
      important part of the new build.


      Gunilla Manell wrote:
      > I am almost ashamed to admit that I am not sure what changed. Was the
      > message at the top of the page? I did see something there, but I don't
      > if it was there before or if it was new. Maybe I missed something?
      > /Gunilla
      > From: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com [mailto:AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
      > Gaylon Findlay
      > Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 4:17 PM
      > To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [AQ_NFS] Feedback Requested
      > All:
      > We are in the process of adding some helpful tips to the main
      > FamilySearch syncing screens of AQ: the Individual Review/Sync screen
      > and the Family Sync screen. We hope that these tips will make working
      > with these screens more intuitive.
      > We expect to release a new build of AQ 12.1 in the next couple of days,
      > and wanted to get feedback from those who use these features before
      > doing so.
      > If any of you would like to look at the new tips, and give us feedback
      > as to whether the tips are well written, intuitive, clear, and helpful,
      > please install this latest patch, pay attention to the tips on these two
      > screens, and let us know whether you think they are perfect, or could be
      > better. (We've found that many users have never discovered some of the
      > capabilities of these screens, and if they see the hints, we think more
      > users will get more value out of AQ.)
      > To participate, download this file:
      > http://www.inclinesoftware.net/files/Latest.zip
      > And unzip the contents to your AQ 12.1 program folder, which is typically:
      > c:\Program Files\Incline Software\Ancestral Quest 12.1
      > If you successfully extract the files to the program folder, the next
      > time you run AQ, and look at the "About AQ" screen (under the "Help"
      > menu), you should see today's date as the date of the version.
      > I think a little discussion about these tips on this group might be
      > useful, so that if one of you has a suggestion, it may help another of
      > you to come up with even a better suggestion. So send your comments
      > either to me directly (gfindlay@...
      > <mailto:gfindlay%40ancquest.com> ) or to this AQ_NFS group.
      > Thank you for your help.
      > Gaylon
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