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499Re: [AQ_NFS] Feedback Request "Mark All"

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Apr 20, 2010
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      The Mark All feature is a bit complex. And it has one known flaw.

      If you have family both in your local file and in NFS, the Mark All will
      mark all members of the family, who are lined up as a match with each
      other, to be synced. If all are marked, then it unmarks them all.

      If you only have a local family, but no family in NFS, it will mark all
      the local family members to be added to NFS. If they are all marked, it
      will unmark them all.

      If you only have a family in NFS, but no local family, the Mark all will
      mark all NFS family members to be added to your local file. If all are
      already marked, it will unmark them all. This is the case where there is
      a known flaw: If you individually mark children to be added from NFS to
      your local file, the lineage and Seal to Parent facts will also be
      marked automatically. If you use the "Mark All" to select all the
      children, it doesn't yet automatically mark the lineage and SP facts.
      Because a child has to have lineage in AQ, AQ will bring over the
      lineage information from NFS to the local family even though the lineage
      facts were not marked, but the SP will be missed for these children
      unless you specifically ask for it.


      Terry D. Smith wrote:
      > Dear Gaylon...
      > The Mark All feature does not work! Or works off and on. It is not
      > defined here... or where would we learn about it? constantly have to
      > select and use A+O to add a person FROM nFS to the AQ database.
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