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497Feedback Requested

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Apr 20, 2010

      We are in the process of adding some helpful tips to the main
      FamilySearch syncing screens of AQ: the Individual Review/Sync screen
      and the Family Sync screen. We hope that these tips will make working
      with these screens more intuitive.

      We expect to release a new build of AQ 12.1 in the next couple of days,
      and wanted to get feedback from those who use these features before
      doing so.

      If any of you would like to look at the new tips, and give us feedback
      as to whether the tips are well written, intuitive, clear, and helpful,
      please install this latest patch, pay attention to the tips on these two
      screens, and let us know whether you think they are perfect, or could be
      better. (We've found that many users have never discovered some of the
      capabilities of these screens, and if they see the hints, we think more
      users will get more value out of AQ.)

      To participate, download this file:


      And unzip the contents to your AQ 12.1 program folder, which is typically:

      c:\Program Files\Incline Software\Ancestral Quest 12.1

      If you successfully extract the files to the program folder, the next
      time you run AQ, and look at the "About AQ" screen (under the "Help"
      menu), you should see today's date as the date of the version.

      I think a little discussion about these tips on this group might be
      useful, so that if one of you has a suggestion, it may help another of
      you to come up with even a better suggestion. So send your comments
      either to me directly (gfindlay@...) or to this AQ_NFS group.

      Thank you for your help.

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