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478New Build of AQ 12.1

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Apr 9, 2010
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      We have just released AQ 12.1 build 24. It fixes most of the problems
      reported in build 23.

      The easiest way to get the new build is to:

      1) Run AQ
      2) Go to the "Internet" menu, then to "Check for Latest AQ Release"
      3) Once your browser shows you the page from which you can download the
      new build, close AQ
      4) Run or download the "Basic" installer.
      5) If you downloaded the installer in step 4, run it once it has
      finished downloading.

      The list of fixes and enhancements is below.

      Gaylon Findlay Incline Software


      *General Enhancements*

      * AQ Newsline: Each time you start AQ, it will show you news about
      the software, updates, training, or other items pertinent to family

      *General Bug Fixes*

      * Family View: The display of Age at marriage and death, introduced
      in build 23, sometimes did not fit in the display box. Fixed.

      *Enhancements to nFS Features*

      * Login to NFS: The new "LDS Account" is now accepted by Ancestral
      Quest. NOTE: This was not a change made to AQ, but by FamilySearch about
      the same time as this build was released. (Even if you still keep build
      23, you should be able to login to NFS with the LDS Account.)
      * Group Link: If you link groups of individuals through the Group
      Link feature, and choose the "Link Only" option, this will now process
      much more quickly.

      *Bug Fixes to nFS Features*
      NOTE: All the following bugs were introduced in build 23 as a result of
      changes both to NFS and to AQ. These bugs were not present in earlier
      versions. They have all been fixed in build 24.

      * Login by non-LDS Users: The login failed for users with an NFS
      account who were not members of the LDS faith -- there is a difference
      in how the login is completed in new.familysearch.org. Fixed.
      * Loading of Some Individuals from FamilySearch: For some
      individuals in the FamilySearch database -- most common with IOUSs -- AQ
      might crash during the load. Fixed.
      * Adding Parents: In the Family Sync screen, if you added two new
      parents from NFS to a child in your file, and also added parent to child
      facts, AQ would successfully add the parents, then crash when trying to
      record the parent to child facts. Fixed.
      * Adding Person to NFS: If you added a person from your local file
      to NFS, and this person had a gender of Unknown, the gender was not
      written to the FamilySearch record. Fixed.
      * Auto Syncing Family Members: If, in builds of AQ 12.1 previous to
      23, you had selected the option to automatically sync data, then you had
      hidden the option screen for this selection, AQ would crash when trying
      to sync a local record with the NFS record. Fixed.
      * Delete of NFS Person: Some relationships to the person might not
      have been deleted at the time the person itself was removed. Fixed.
      * Connecting of Spouses in NFS: If you had parents in your local
      file for an individual, and FamilySearch had records of the same
      parents, but did not have them linked as parents in NFS, AQ attempts to
      link the NFS records together as child and parents. This was failing in
      build 23. Fixed.
      * Legacy Contributions: If you had claimed legacy submissions as
      your own, AQ would not allow you to modify or remove data from the
      submissions under a prior different ID. Fixed.
      * Relationship Facts: While you could add relationshp facts to NFS
      using AQ's Family Sync screen, you could not modify or delete them. Fixed.
      * Linking Spouses: If you had previously linked two NFS spouses
      together, then deleted the relationship using NFS, AQ was unable to link
      them back together. Fixed.
      * Gender: If you were the contributor of the gender of a person, AQ
      should have allowed you to change the gender. It didn't in build 23. Fixed.
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