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457Info Box in Family View Screen

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  • SD Cline
    Apr 1, 2010
      I sent this message a couple of days ago, but since there was no response,
      I'm wondering if Gaylon has the answer. I have included the original text

      Does anyone know how I change the font size in the Info Box in the upper
      left hand corner while in the Family View screen? I have looked at
      Tools/Preferences/Fonts but can't seem to find anything to change the size
      of the font in the Info Box so that I can fit more information in the box
      before it is truncated. There is a Tools/Preferences/InfoBox, but I think
      this refers to while floating over a name in the Pedigree View Screen.

      Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

      S. Douglas Cline

      Executive Vice President

      Brown and Young Companies

      801 572-3060 (office)

      801 560-2340 (Mobile)


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