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398Export JPG's To WPD Ahnentaferls

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  • m_s_cooper
    Mar 21 7:04 PM
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      I was once able to include "JPG" images from Scrapbook to Ahnentafels created with the Word Doc (*.doc) template.

      The current "WordPerfect" (*.WPD) template installed to the database program sends an error message during upload, stating that "JPG's" are not recognized and the images fail to insert to the WPD document.

      The same occurs with Rech Text (*.RTF)

      How do I go about getting the images to import to WordPerfect?

      If doing so is not feasible, please replace WordPerfect with the previous version of Word for us?

      The images upload fine using the "PDF" format which is great, but we would like the option to upload to a Word document returned.

      Thx very much,

      Mike Cooper