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384Switching OFF nFS --- Attention Gaylon & any Incline staff

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  • Stewart Millar
    Mar 1, 2010
      I am still hoping for some help on the problem below ---- using AQ for a non
      LDS user still continues to show the temple icon on the pedigree screen if
      ordinances are detected as needed.


      This is one for either mailing lists . . . . .

      In helping someone else . . . . . . having started with LDS data & link to
      nFS switched ON . . . . . .as this is for a non LDS member, we switched OFF
      the LDS data and switched OFF any links to nFS.

      This (seemed to) successfully dropped any access/links to LDS data and nFS -
      including the temple icons indicating the state of ordinances ----
      everything seemed OK.

      However ---- on the Pedigree View, for individuals that would qualify for
      Temple work, the temple icon is still showing --- but not in the Family

      This would seem to a fault that needs fixing.

      A second follow up question to this incident is that - the "Preferences" set
      for any AQ database (as in LDS&FS/no LDS&FS options) --- apply to any AQ
      database on the pc --- they are not specific for the single database being
      worked on. This gives me an overhead of having to switch these settings when
      I switch between databases that are LDS biased and those that are not. Could
      not these preferences be set to only apply to the specific database?

      === Stewart

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