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  • emregister
    Feb 24, 2010
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      Eric & Marnie Abell

      Saanichton, BC Canada

      (250) 652 4616

      I thought I had this all figured out at one time but not now. I understand
      it is just the link that is being changed. My structure is m aq data for my
      data and m aq data/ m aq photos for the photos. I want this to be a
      relative definition.

      I wand to work with data on a USB stick at the HFC and then on my desk
      computer. The photos are in both places in the same structure.

      I tried entering m aq data but aq still looks at the wrong place with a
      pathname something like f:\ancestral quest\m aq data\m aq photos.

      Suggestions? I am missing something.


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