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324Re: [AQ_NFS] Most Efficient Way to Retrieve SP/SS info from nFS with Ancestral Quest

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jan 25, 2010
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      And there are yet 2 more ways to transfer the sealings from NFS to local:

      1) When you are initially matching the person, if you find that a
      matching NFS person has the sealings and your AQ/PAF database does not,
      there is an "LDS" button at the bottom of the screen. That LDS button
      will let you select both the local and NFS spouses and parents, then
      select the appropriate sealings. This button will only appear if you
      have selected the option to view LDS ordinances while matching, in the
      FamilySearch tab of Preferences.

      2) When you are on the "Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches" screen of the
      ORTS, there is an "Ordinances" button. It will bring up the same screen
      as mentioned above. So if you click on the LDS temple icon of the
      Pedigree or Family view, AQ will put this individual on the list of this
      screen, and you can coordinate LDS ordinances from there.

      The reason this seems a little harder than you'd like is that AQ will
      not assume that any sealing to any spouse in NFS is OK for the
      particular spouse in your local file. Just as NFS has tabs for
      individual details vs Parents/Siblings vs Spouses/Children, AQ has
      similar tabs, where you can line up the NFS families with the AQ/PAF
      families. Once a family is lined up, indicating that you approve that
      the local family is the same as the NFS family, then you can trade
      relationship data between the two families. We could simplify the
      process on the "Review Individual with NFS" screen by making the screen
      more complex -- if we let you deal with
      parents/spouses/siblings/children all on the same screen with the
      individual detail information, which is what I think you would prefer,
      it would require AQ to read all of these relatives before you could work
      with this screen, and that would make you wait quite a bit longer each
      time you review an individual, just to load data that quite often you
      are not interested in.

      Possibly the most efficient way to transfer LDS ordinances from NFS to
      local records would be to:

      1) Open up the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, and go to
      "Reserve Ordinances"
      2) Click on the Add button, then go to the Advanced Filter/Focus option
      3) Select a group of people you'd like to check for ordinances -- keep
      the list manageable, perhaps only 40-50 at a time. You probably want to
      include a field filter of "Qualified for ..." as part of finding the
      records to work with.
      4) For anybody who is already linked, use the "Ordinances" button to
      review and update local ordinances. Then remove these people from the list.
      5) For the remaining records on this list, use the Group Link option. As
      you link these unlinked individuals, use the "LDS" tab mentioned above
      to update the ordinances on those people.
      6) Now that you've cleaned up this group, remove the records from this
      7) Repeat steps 2-6 for additional groups.


      Leslie Vaughn wrote:
      > I don't like the way AQ does do the sealings but you can do it easier than you are doing it.
      > When you select an individual to review on nFS go to the bottom of the review screen and select spouse and children or parents and siblings. There you will see your local file on the left and the right side will be the nFS information. There will be a little plus sign by the parent's names. Click on that and it opens the family. You can sync the sealing ordinances from this view. Similarly to individual review you will have to click on each the radio for each individual sealings or marriage dates but you can do a whole family in one screen.
      > Hope this works for you
      > Leslie
      > From: Mike St. Clair
      > Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 6:20 PM
      > To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [AQ_NFS] Most Efficient Way to Retrieve SP/SS info from nFS with Ancestral Quest
      > I'm struggling to find an effective way to pick up completed SP/SS
      > information from new FamilySearch with Ancestral Quest. The other
      > ordinance information is easy with automatic syncronization. But I cannot
      > find any way to pick up the SP/SS info without manually doing them one
      > individual at a time. Am I missing something obvious?
      > Mike St. Clair
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