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318AQ Classes in Mesa, Arizona Jan 21-23

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jan 20 8:32 AM

      For anyone in the Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona area, let me make sure you are
      aware of 4 classes I'll be teaching over the next three days (detailed
      schedule below).

      On January 22-23, a Family History Expo is being held at the Mesa
      Convention Center. Hundreds of classes are being taught on topics
      related to genealogy methods and products. One track -- the vendor
      classes -- is free to the public. You must register for the conference
      to attend the other classes. The exhibit hall, where vendors of
      genealogy software, books, services, societies, etc will be showing
      their stuff, is free to the public. Two of the vendor classes will be
      taught by me, and all you need to do to attend is drop by the Incline
      Software (Ancestral Quest) booth prior to the class to pick up a free pass.

      Go here for more details:

      Also, I'll be at the Ancestral Quest booth during exhibit hours (roughly
      9 - 6), except when I'm teaching a class. Drop by and say, "Hi," or I
      can give you personal one-on-one time to answer questions or train you
      when other classes are in session.

      Gaylon Findlay


      Two classes prior to the Expo:

      Jan 21, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm -- Class on using the new features in AQ to
      access New FamilySearch and synchronize AQ or PAF data with NFS. The
      first 1.5 hours will be mostly training on syncing individuals, families
      and groups. Should be of interest to all. The last half hour will be
      training on reserving and tracking LDS ordinances. This portion will be
      of interest primarily to LDS members.

      FHC staff in the greater Phoenix area have been asked to register for
      this class, and if all registrants attend, it will probably be full. If
      a few are absent, there may be room for a few others to attend.

      Location: Mesa Regional Family History Center Training Center, 464 East
      1st Ave, Mesa

      Jan 21, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm -- Repeat of class described above.

      FHC staff in the greater Phoenix area have been asked to register for
      this class, however it is a larger venue and is not full. There should
      be room for all who want to attend.

      Location: LDS Olive Chapel, 525 E. 2nd Ave., Mesa

      Two classes at the Expo:

      Jan 22, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm -- Class title, "Synchronize PAF 5 or AQ Data
      with New FamilySearch Using Ancestral Quest, the Program from Which PAF
      5 was Derived." This is the same class as described above, but with only
      one hour, it will be more of an overview and less indepth training.

      Jan 23, 8:00 am - 9:00 am -- Class title, "Ancestral Quest 12.1 - The
      Natural Upgrade for PAF." This class will be of interest to all users of
      Ancestral Quest, as we will cover some of the newer features of AQ other
      than those dealing with New FamilySearch. For a list of likely topics,
      go to http://www.ancquest.com/AQ121-PAF5Flier.pdf and see the list at
      the bottom of the page, which lists the major new features of AQ.