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290Re: [AQ_NFS] import family lines -- missing info

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  • George E. Wright
    Dec 2, 2009
      I am beginning to get concerned. It appears that NFS is becoming increasingly fragile and prone to inconsistent data linkages to third-party software (such as AncestralQuest).

      Gaylon, do the people at NFS seem to be showing care and diligence with their data integrity? Or are they becoming reckless? Can you tell me if simply Syncing my records to NFS is endangering my local AQ files?


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      From: Gaylon Findlay
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      Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 2:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] import family lines -- missing info


      When you import a record from NFS to AQ, AQ brings in from FamilySearch
      the first "name", first "birth event", first "death event", and so on.
      Until FamilySearch made a change in their August '09 release, this
      *first* item was always the *summary* item -- the item most likely to be
      desired. With the August '09 release of FamilySearch, they no longer
      send the summary items first, so you can't be as sure of what you might
      get. So if your record has a death date of say, "1980", but there is
      another death date with nothing, and FamilySearch sent the empty death
      information first, that is what you will get.

      If you want to control what you get, you need to use the "Review with
      FamilySearch" option to view each individual after the import and hand
      pick the items you want in your local file.


      Dee wrote:
      > I just imported all my family lines from NFS. This was only 140 individuals, so not a huge undertaking. I imported them into a new, empty file. Then the fun started.
      > Let me try to explain. I did Review Individual for "John Doe". In my new local file, I now only have the word Deceased for a death date. However, there WAS a death date in NFS--submitted by me. Why is it missing in the import? Is there something different I should have done??
      > I am hoping to teach AQ to my ward consultants tonight, so any info is much appreciated.
      > Dee
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