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215Re: [AQ_NFS] Updating AQ with ordinances from nFS

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Sep 30, 2009

      If you notice certain things happening, such as the children showing as
      synced on some screens but not others, I would like you to send me a
      note immediately (to gfindlay@..., not on this list), and
      backup your database and attach it. If I could look at these items in a
      timely fashion, we can determine whether there is a problem with AQ that
      needs to be fixed, or whether something else is going on.



      Scott Scheibe wrote:
      > At 09:35 AM 9/25/2009, Gaylon Findlay wrote:
      > Gaylon,
      > As near as I can tell it usually happens when I have either
      > reviewed and updated a lot of records or added several new
      > people. Often it won't let you proceed until running check and
      > repair. I've also noticed if I do a lot of work for a couple of
      > hours AQ becomes unstable. Occasion I find a NFS record that when I
      > try to sync with it will cause AQ to crash, usually I can go back in
      > a day or so and then access it. The more people that have been
      > merged the longer it takes to load it and the more likely AQ will
      > crash or freeze up, or NFS after a very long time will time out. It
      > is so bad that I can't sync any of my ancestry in the original
      > colonies and most families prior to 1800 are risky as they have 100+
      > people merged in most cases.
      > I need to find my notes, there is a particular family I was
      > having trouble with where if you look at the parents it shows all the
      > children are synced but if you go to some of the children in they
      > aren't shown linked to their parents although they were previously
      > with no problem. This was found on reviewing records. Attempting to
      > get them linked to their parents eventually caused AQ to crash twice
      > and I gave up and haven't gone back to it since. I've had other
      > things keeping me busy.
      >> Scott:
      >> No. The "short text" errors have to do with information AQ stores about
      >> NFS for future use. As far as we can tell, when these errors happen,
      >> they don't cause any real problem in the database. We keep hoping that
      >> either our staff or a user will eventually find a pattern to what causes
      >> these so we can get them fixed, but in the meantime they seem harmless.
      >> Gaylon
      >> Scott Scheibe wrote:
      >>> At 04:26 PM 9/21/2009, Paul, Incline Support wrote:
      >>> Does this have anything to do with why I occasionally get dire
      >>> messages about short text errors?
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