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200Re: [AncestralQuest] Updating AQ with ordinances from nFS

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  • Scott Scheibe
    Sep 21, 2009
      At 04:26 PM 9/21/2009, Paul, Incline Support wrote:

      Does this have anything to do with why I occasionally get dire
      messages about short text errors?

      >Ancestral Quest keeps a cache of the nFS data on your hard drive, just
      >like your Internet browser does, to help speed up the local reading of
      >the data. Occasionally, however, the cache may need to be cleared. This
      >is especially evident when the nFS data you see online from within AQ
      >does not match the data viewed directly on the nFS website.
      >Within AQ, go to the menu bar and choose Tools > Preferences. At the
      >top of the window that appears, click on the FamilySearch tab. Down in
      >the Cache Management section, click the "Flush Cache" button. Click OK
      >to close the Preferences window.

      Scott Scheibe

      Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD
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