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185Re: FW: [AQ_NFS] Changing card holder - Attn Gaylon

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Sep 4 9:09 AM
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      The ability to edit and delete contacts in the ORTS system is also high
      on the list of things to do.

      You initially asked, "I tried to Add New Contact. It requires that I put
      in his PID."

      The Add new contact brings up a screen where you type in information on
      a contact person, and the first item (and the only item important to AQ)
      is an ID. I typically put in something like, "Aunt Bessie", "Cousin
      Bob", "Young Mens President" or "High Priest Group Leader". This is not
      intended to be the PID of the person in NFS, but something that makes
      sense to you. The other fields, such as address, e-mail, phone and so on
      are for you to use any way you like. And as you mention, without the
      ability to review this screen later, adding the other information at
      this time is not very helpful. (In our initial design, the contact
      screen was available in a different part of the program, and we had the
      edit working, but as we rearranged some things shortly before releasing
      ORTS, we missed this -- we intend to get it back in soon.)


      Gunilla Manell wrote:
      > This was an additional question under the same subject heading. It has not
      > been responded to.
      > Another question:
      > Once I have added a contact, how can I edit it? Or delete it?
      > So now I have a few names saying that PIDxxxx has it. If I had more than
      > one person added, I may need to see what name belongs to this PID. Is it
      > possible to see that? How? What's the point of adding the contact's name,
      > address and e-mail, if I can't see it, or change it??
      > Maybe the answer is in Help, and I admit that I haven't looked there yet,
      > but I don't see anything obvious on the screen that I am working on.
      > /Gunilla
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      > Subject: [AQ_NFS] Changing card holder - Attn Gaylon
      > Gaylon,
      > My son just did some initiatories, and I am ready to want to send some cards
      > to my brother. I tried to Add New Contact. It requires that I put in his
      > PID. That is normally not readily available. (since he is living) Then when
      > I highlight the name of the card I want to send, it puts his PID in there.
      > If I did not have a PID and try just using his name, it shows that I am
      > giving the card to "blank". I would like to show the name of the person I am
      > sending the card/s to.
      > Please change that. I would appreciate it. And maybe others would also.
      > Thanks,
      > Gunilla
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