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183FW: [AQ_NFS] Changing card holder - Attn Gaylon

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  • Gunilla Manell
    Sep 4, 2009
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      This was an additional question under the same subject heading. It has not
      been responded to.

      Another question:

      Once I have added a contact, how can I edit it? Or delete it?

      So now I have a few names saying that PIDxxxx has it. If I had more than
      one person added, I may need to see what name belongs to this PID. Is it
      possible to see that? How? What's the point of adding the contact's name,
      address and e-mail, if I can't see it, or change it??

      Maybe the answer is in Help, and I admit that I haven't looked there yet,
      but I don't see anything obvious on the screen that I am working on.



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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Changing card holder - Attn Gaylon


      My son just did some initiatories, and I am ready to want to send some cards
      to my brother. I tried to Add New Contact. It requires that I put in his
      PID. That is normally not readily available. (since he is living) Then when
      I highlight the name of the card I want to send, it puts his PID in there.
      If I did not have a PID and try just using his name, it shows that I am
      giving the card to "blank". I would like to show the name of the person I am
      sending the card/s to.

      Please change that. I would appreciate it. And maybe others would also.



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