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1720Re: [AQ_NFS] Searching for entries in Other Events

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Jul 25 4:24 PM
      This is for Gaylon to look into. I'd like to see this fixed in the
      next build (if possible).

      To Dale,

      Yeah, I just got the same thing (I hadn't tested with that term).
      Gaylon needs to look at this. It will search on Not Needed in the date
      field, and "Sub" as "Contains", but _not_ Complete or In Process. I
      agree the ability to search in the date field (I've been using "Any
      Date" for setting up the searches) for "Complete" and "In Process"
      (without the quote marks) would be nice.

      If the fields were imported (via GEDCOM or manually created, but not
      brought in through ORTS), then you should not see the term complete in
      the date field. Maybe. At least, I would not think so.

      My success to find the bogus (imported) LDS Ordinances was to use
      "User Events" and "Type" this brings up a list of possible types,
      including those that contain (LDS) in them. The list includes any that
      you've created (I have two of them in my list for draft cards -- WWI
      and WWII "Old Man's"). You'll also see that there are two for
      Initiatory -- one is Initiatory (LDS) and the other is Initiatories
      (LDS). This captures the fields that can be brought in via GEDCOM

      When you eventually get rid of all the imported (via GEDCOM or
      manually entered) fields, then the "Use LDS Data" works wonders for
      searching. Since the Completed, Sub (with or without a date), and In
      Process are recorded in the date field, any searching on description
      should never turn up those terms.

      On Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:44:43 -0600, you wrote:

      >I tried the search for "Complete" (with and without the quotes) and AQ told
      >me that Complete was an invalid date. Have you been able to search for text
      >in date fields in the past? Has the ability to do that been removed?
      >Dale McIntyre
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      >Will Do*, for help on using *Ancestral Quest* genealogical software. There
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