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1716Searching for entries in Other Events

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  • Leslie Vaughn
    Jul 24 9:56 PM
      As I update ordinances on AQ  under the Familysearch tab, I have chosen to add the confirmation and initiatory dates and temples to the local file.   This puts that information in other events.  I wish there were fields for those events under LDS Ordinances, but that is another subject for another time.
      What I don’t want in the other events are such words as completed or in progress.  So as I update the ordinances I click skip  for those terms.  I have noticed that I few times I accidently clicked update instead of skip and that information that I didn’t want populated  went into the other events field.  When the work was complete the dates and temple populate the other events field also but do not override previous entries such as in progress.   So now I have two entries for confirmation: one that says “in progress” and one that gives the date and the temple.
      I would like an automatic override, so that there is only one entry for confirmation and only one entry for initiatory.
      Barring that or until we get that I would like to search my data base for the words In progress  or any other information that is in Other Fields.   I know there must be a way to search that but I cannot find anything in the Help menu and I don’t see other events listed in the field filtering
      Can someone help me figure out how to search for a term in other events?
      Leslie Vaughn
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