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1706Re: Unknown spouse

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  • jorgy@flash.net
    Jul 4, 2014
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      I see that there are several workarounds for not having the option to choose an unknown spouse. I have worked on thousands of obituaries and found many times that there was a spouse who is not mentioned by name. I liked the function in PAF to add an unknown spouse.

      AQ is marketed as an easy migrate from PAF. This unknown spouse is not the only issue I have found inconvenient to deal with.

      In AQ, family view, where the children are listed under the parents, there is an arrow to the left of the child's name that when blackened, indicates a marriage for that child. However, this arrow in PAF was blackened when the child had any marital relationship. In AQ the arrow is only blackened when a marriage date is listed for the relationship. This is very inconvenient. I have many, probably most, marriages where I do not know the marriage date. So when looking at the list of children, I have to actually hit the arrow with the cursor to know if there is a marital relationship. How is that helpful?

      Couldn't these things be easily fixed so that they would be like PAF? 

      Thank you.
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