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1700Re: [AQ_NFS] Unknown spouse

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Jul 2, 2014
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      One of the things that I've learned is that if there is something for
      which there is _no_ information, then I treat it as fiction.
      Otherwise, there will be some evidence for that person, even if there
      are no known names.

      If all you have are "hints" from others, then treat the matter as
      fiction and move on. Don't repeat the _rumor_, because that's all it
      is until you find evidence substantiating the unknown spouse. Note:
      That evidence must exist in the form of a primary or secondary source.
      Something that you can use to substantiate the existence of this
      unknown person.

      Such a record would be an indication of more than one marriage in a
      census record, which such information is provided. That is a source
      for your information. Other sources for this are marriage records
      (usually the license) where there is an indication that this is not
      the person's first marriage -- note that not all marriage records
      contain this kind of information.

      You also know, from that record, that you are working with an earlier
      marriage. But you do not know if the marriage ended in the death of
      that other person or if it was a divorce (sometimes, a divorce is
      indicated, but it is rare).

      Unfortunately, AQ does not provide a means to simply mark a person as
      "Unknown" -- you can do this with gender, but not the name. You must
      enter something in one of the name fields. I will use a period (.) and
      save the record. Then I can order the spouses and move on, keeping in
      mind that I have no other information about this person.

      Since I am concerned about obtaining enough information to have temple
      work performed, I'll spend time searching for additional records that
      might help. In almost every case, I can find some record somewhere
      that will provide the information I need to fill in a name and even
      some dates.

      Now, if I have not found any further information, I go back to the
      family view and _delete_ the person. Since an MRIN has been created,
      the person is now "UNKNOWN" when I pull down the list of spouses. The
      MRIN holds that slot open. If I later find that there really wasn't
      another spouse, then I must delete the marriage record.

      Hopefully, this helps.


      On Wed, 2 Jul 2014 11:24:09 -0700, you wrote:

      >I am a new user to AQ, migrated from PAF.
      >In PAF, there was a option to add an *unknown* spouse. I can't see this function in AQ.
      >Any suggestions?
      >Thank you.
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