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1697Re: [AQ_NFS] Requesting a synchrony feature

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Jun 9, 2014
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      Hopefully, this is the case. Family Tree's development is on-going and
      while it isn't perfect, they are also working toward doing more than
      linking Family Tree (FT) with Ancestry.com. I suspect they are also
      working on additional flexibility with the third-party API that allows
      AQ and FT to more fully merge capabilities.

      Fortunately, for us, AQ is an extremely powerful tool that goes beyong
      what we can do in Ancestry.com, even with its ability to search out
      and make connections, upload scanned images and so on.

      I really, really hope that the FamilySearch staff has not stopped what
      they are doing in terms of flexibility and power between software like
      AQ and FT.

      I also vote for the capability to move images back and forth between
      AQ and FT. However, I also suspect it will be some time before this
      capability is made available. Uploading an image, such as into
      Ancestry and FT, likely follows the same pattern of uploading images
      into any type of online database (including the research wiki). The
      bigger problem in FT is that while one image may be good, another
      image of the same material may be better and as such, FT will need the
      capability to replace the "good" image with the "better" image without
      using excessive storage space.

      For those of you who are unaware, updating data (dates, places, etc.)
      in Family Tree _never_ replaces the previously displayed data. It
      hides the previous data and displays the data we supply as its

      That poses a space problem with in comes to complex images and it
      would not surprise me that we see size limits on what can be uploaded
      (Ancestry's limit is 15 MB, which is still sizeable, but not enoujgh
      for some photographs -- I have family group photos (including several
      50th wedding anniversay shots) that exceed 100 MB in size, simply to
      keep sufficient detail to be useful.

      AQ does not pose a problem with photos of this size, simply because
      all images are stored separately from the actual data and the database
      only contains links to the images themselves.

      Nevertheless, I hearily second the questions that Terry posed and
      hopefully, Gaylon has something he can share (which isn't always the


      On 09 Jun 2014 06:56:13 -0700, Terry wrote:

      > There has been much encouragement from the FH department to place images of documents either into the "Sources" field or the "Memories" section of Family Tree.
      > In AQ are plans being made to upload and link "Images" to Family Tree data which we have attached to our AQ Source information?
      > In AQ are plans being made to upload and link "Images" in Family Tree which we currently have in our Scrapbook or Multimedia section of the personal software?
      > Terry Mason
      > Clermont FL
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