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1695Printing a "Book"

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Jun 8, 2014
      I have a couple of "problems" when I print a "book" with Ancestral
      Quest. I would appreciate any help any of you might be able to provide
      to "fix" these two "problems"

      I put quotes around "problem" because I can live with them the way
      they are.

      Printer: HP LaserJet IV+
      Paper: Letter
      Margins: Top & Botton -- .5 inch; Left & Right -- 1 inch
      Type: Modified Register

      Problem 1: Marriage RIN (MRIN) prints for all marriages. No other
      internal record numbers (RINs) print. I do not want the MRIN to print,
      since it is superfluous to the book.

      Problem 2: Full page images do not print to full page, even when they
      are narrower than the page area. At best about 2/3 of the page is
      used, leaving a significant blank area underneath the caption or
      image. I have placed the caption above the image with the same
      results. I have also adjusted the margins and nothing changes.

      I would like to use all available space for the full-page images. This
      affects only the height of the images.

      Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated. I have not reported
      this as a problem since there may be a setting (perhaps even in the
      .ini file) that needs to be selected or tweaked.


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