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1649Understanding Navigation button on Children in Family display

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  • Wade Starks
    Mar 17, 2014
      I am trying to understand the different patterns of the left triangle
      buttons with each child in the family group view. I have attached a screen
      print of a family showing examples of the buttons. One in filled in with a
      partial outline and another is smaller than the others and not filled in.
      The one with the outline seems to come and go. The child with the smaller
      triangle also has a spouse as do some of the children with the larger clear
      triangles. What do these mean?

      Also, unlike PAF, there doesn't seem to be a way to determine from this
      family view if a child has a spouse, without actually going there. It seems
      the triangle is only filled in when the child has children of its own. Is
      there some clue to indicate the child has a spouse that I am missing? I
      really miss not being able to determine at a glance if a child has a spouse.

      Wade Starks

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