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1641RE: [AQ_NFS] Importing from Family Tree

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  • Bob Borden
    Mar 15, 2014
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      Thanks for this info.  It does work indeed.  I just downloaded AQ and jumped in.  I’ve spent most of the day importing my 20 generations to AQ from FamilySearch.  I originally made the mistake of trying to download all 18 generations at once by selecting 18 in the Generations box.  The download took several hours and then locked up after 9 generations.  So I stopped at 9 and went 4 by 4 until I had them all back to 20.  However, I don’t think that worked across all generations and family lines as it was doing when I started with myself as the starting point.  I think it only started over from the individual I selected for the next 4 generations.  If you have any suggestions on how I can easily fill in the blanks I would appreciate it.


      Thanks again for your help.


      Bob Borden


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      Yes, it does.

      After you set up your preferences, etc., in AQ, Select FamilySearch
      and "Import Family Lines. You will need to long into FamilySearch (if
      you are not already logged in), and then a window will open "Import
      Ancestors from Family Search. You can select all descendants from a
      person or the ancestors. You can also select the number of generations
      to download, include families and spouses of children (both optional).
      You can also select to use place names as standardized by FamilySearch
      (I recommend this setting) or as it was originally entered (which can
      result in some badly-formed place names in your system.

      I strongly recommend that you set up a separate AQ file for each line
      you import, so you can examine it for duplicates, multiple/bad
      marriages, and so on. By limiting the number of generations, you can
      also make sure that that part of FamilySearch is relatively "clean" (a
      major problem right now).

      If you work with your existing AQ file, you run the risk of adding a
      lot of duplicates if you add the ancestors or descendants to an
      existing family line.

      However, it is a very nice feature and is a good starting place if you
      are just getting together your family for the first time and starting
      a new database in AQ.


      On Sat, 15 Mar 2014 10:59:24 -0600, you wrote:

      >Does AQ have a feature that will import a family tree from LDS Family
      >Search? I am just starting AQ and Ancestry.com and would like to import my
      >family tree information from Family Search so I don't have to enter it all
      >manually. Can anyone help me?
      >Thanks for your help.
      >Bob Borden

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