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1616RE: Sources on Familysearch Familytree

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  • tmason1
    Mar 2, 2014
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      At this time we can NOT transfer images from AQ to Family Tree using the synchronizing ability within AQ. In fact in Family Tree, if we create the source information with reference, actual text and notes FIRST, it will create a problem.

      When you first create a source in Family Tree there will be an option of two radio buttons, one titled 
      " WEB PAGE URL" and the other " ADD PHOTO OR DOCUMENT". When you click on the "Add Photo or Document" you may drag and drop an image into the "Memories" section of Family Tree and link it to the source document field. 

      However, if you first create the document and then subsequently try to go back and select the radio button for "Add Photo or Document" the radio button is missing.

      So not only are we unable to transfer scanned images at this time using AQ but there is a bug/flag in the Family Tree program itself.

      Terry Mason
      Clermont, FL
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