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1610Re: [AQ_NFS] Importing data from FamilyTree

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  • tmason1
    Feb 20, 2014
      FS - Family Search
      FT - Family Tree

      These two terms are not the same. They refer to two different web sites.

      DOCUMENTATION refers to that part of a report which arranges and references the sources used.

      One of the biggest challenges of family history research is to conduct it in such a way that collection, analysis, and interpretation of information is carried out with maximum objectivity. This means that any conditions which might introduce bias or prejudice must be avoided if at all possible. Any conclusions should be written in such a way that a skeptical or interested investigator has enough information to be able to repeat the research and either confirm or invalidate the reported results.

      Documentation allows:
      • evaluation of the RELIABILITY of the information.  Knowing a source can help you identify information that you may want to verify through use of other types of records and to check for errors.  It may prevent others from having to redo completed searches.
      • REPLICATION - provision of enough information so that another person could easily obtain a copy of the record.
      • TRACKING of your research as you work so you do not forget.  Record research efforts that reveal no information. It saves later repeated effort.
      • SOURCE CITATION of all researchers' contributions, including your own.  Use your name, not the word "I" or "me", when referring to yourself.

      1) Family Search is a place to search for historical records.
      2) Family Tree is a place to inform others of your conclusions based upon documentation, ie. it is a place for "COLLABORATE". Source information has to be presented in a way that others can prove or disprove the conclusions of collective research.
      3) Family Tree is not a source. It contains data which has been used to identify persons for temple work. It is designed to be a place where we can collectively record the identity of each person who has lived upon the earth. That identity should be proven by research and documentation. Without documented presentation of research the information in family tree is but folklore.
      4) Neither FS nor FT are sources.

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