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1604Re: [AQ_NFS] Importing data from FamilyTree

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    Feb 19, 2014
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      Let me try again to explain what I was getting at. Like most AQ users, the idea of using FS as a permanent source is anathema to me!

      Not being able to access Research Manager without jumping in and out of the Synch screen, I have been copying data to the local record where FS has more detailed records of baptism, marriage or burial. Perhaps mistakenly, I have not kept a manual record of these instances.

      What I am looking for is a means of producing a filtered report of these individuals so that I can update my "To Do" list and validate the information leading to the creation of a new source citation or record any failed attempt and delete the imported information . Citing FS as a temporary source or using the change log just seemed to me to be possible ways of achieving my objective.

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