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1603Re: [AQ_NFS] Importing data from FamilyTree

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  • Tom Huber
    Feb 18, 2014
      On 18 Feb 2014 01:14:30 -0800, you wrote:

      >Having synchronized nearly two thousand individuals over the past few weeks, I am generally well pleased with the way AQ interfaces with FS. Two issues arose, however, when I tried to go back and look at new individuals imported from the remote tree and individual events imported for existing individuals. Firstly, the AQ change log seems to ignore all imports from FS. Secondly, no source is created in AQ for imported data.
      > Do other users agree that AQ would be significantly improved if the change log included imports from FS - perhaps with a new category - and if sources could be created with a citation along the lines of "Imported from FS"?

      I would have a problem with this.

      First, I do not consider any collection of family histories / trees to
      be a valid source. They are useful for hints at where to perform
      further research, but they still are subject to a large raft of errors
      created by poor research on the part of others. And errors seem to
      mulitple when people copy the work of others.

      That said, the fact that AQ records the FSFT PID tells me where some
      of the information comes from, especially when I haven't edited any of
      the material for an individual or their family. Then, it is up to me
      to validate that information. And, any material that does come from
      FSFT that is sourced, I can import the sources through AQ -- even if
      the format isn't standard for critical researchers (repository, work,

      Second, I'm not sure what I'd do with any "change log" and do not use
      it. I have enough reports to look at to add any more to the pile. I am
      not discouraging their use for those who want them, but with more than
      enough people in my AQ file (almost all of whom are related to me), I
      have plenty to do.

      As it is, AQ is a fine tool for my purposes, but of course, there is
      always room for improvement. It is entirely possible that Gaylon can
      give you what you are asking for by making it an option to select.
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